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Decided to finally get back into blogging again although it has never been my thing it’s something I want to start committing to. I want this to be a place for me to share my day-to-day of running my own business and the struggles that I go through to keep it going.

I have had so many websites and blogs over the last 10 – 15 years that were about interests I had at the time. The issue I always had is I would be so committed to whatever it was I was working on at that time that I almost always burned myself out and lost interest. I have a good feeling about this blog along with it having a great name I feel like I am ready to have an outlet to express myself.

I am hoping that I stick with this blog and keep it going hopefully daily but with my schedule, it may be a little hard. One can only hope and never give up no matter what. Along with running a web hosting company I am a husband to an amazing woman and father to 4 children. While I wish my company was enough to financially support me it isn’t at that level yet so I still have a full-time job during the day.

Thanks for stopping by. ✌

Louie Gordon

Here is my little piece of internet real-estate. You will find rants, complaints, and overall pessimistic views. Enjoy. 😉 ✌

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