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So I have been running a web hosting company for almost a year now that I am very happy with. The struggles I have are like most businesses. Trying to put something out into the world and hope that others find value in it. I remember when I got my first customer to sign up I went through the roof with excitement and even with my most recent customer the other day I had that same feeling. It’s something about someone validating your business enough to be a customer that just gives a good feeling.

I think the issue that always discourages me is the gap in between sign-ups. Being a small company I don’t have tons of capital to spend on marketing to get my brand out there. I am competing with major companies that have hundreds of thousands of dollars to get brand exposure. All I can do is stay positive and keep going.

I have decided to write here daily and have set a goal for each post. 200 Words a Day. There used to be a site I used called the same thing, 200WAD. It has since shut down but I think I will continue on my own here with a daily goal of 200 words.

Louie Gordon

Here is my little piece of internet real-estate. You will find rants, complaints, and overall pessimistic views. Enjoy. 😉 ✌

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