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So one of the struggles is finding time in between the daily tasks to find some time to reach out to people and let them know we are here as an option for WordPress hosting. The big issue is that as a small web hosting company we are competing with multi-million dollar companies who pay people money to promote them. So anyone who genuinely asks for hosting recommendations will get tons of spam comments promoting these companies they pay them for these fake recommendations.

Being consistent is key to gaining new customers. I have had some great results from posting on sites like Beta Launch and Product Hunt. I surprisingly also have had people find us through only our status page. We still get the majority of our traffic from Twitter and through search engines other than Google.

Twitter is great because it allows us to interact with people that would be interested in our hosting. The key is usually to direct them to a DM where we can then qualify if they would be a good fit for our platform. As tempting as it is to just open the gates and let anyone sign up we thing it’s a better idea to make sure that sites that are hosted with us would benefit from what we offer.

Louie Gordon

Here is my little piece of internet real-estate. You will find rants, complaints, and overall pessimistic views. Enjoy. 😉 ✌

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