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I think the main issue that I have is that I am constantly making changes to the website and I don’t wanna be happy with what I have because then I might not see the flaws that it might have. I think I have lost count of all the times that I’ve read on the homepage and all the other pages on the website.

I’m constantly looking for feedback from people to see what can be improved and what can be simplified to make things easier for people that sign up. Usually, the feedback I get is that the site is really well-done everything is pretty simple and easy to understand but yet to me I still feel like the site lacks something that I’m not too sure what it could be.

The most recent change that I made was the addition of an easier way for customers to log-in to the site to view their hosting and billing. It works by simply entering your email address and then get an email with a link to confirm your sign-in. You click confirm and that’s it you are automatically logged into the site. It is a great password-free option for users.

Louie Gordon

Here is my little piece of internet real-estate. You will find rants, complaints, and overall pessimistic views. Enjoy. πŸ˜‰ ✌

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