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I would say that the biggest struggle of running your own web hosting company would have to definitely be trying to get new clients to sign up for an off-brand new company that they have never heard of. Being a small company I am really limited by my available resources. I don’t have enough funds to constantly be running advertising so I decide to go the proactive approach by finding people that are talking about WordPress hosting.

Most people seem to like it and are always happy to get more enough on what our company has to offer. It’s an approach most small web hosting companies do though so it has a lot of competition. I have about 2-3 other small web hosts that I seem to be competing with regularly. What’s funny is when I notice they block my companies twitter page so we can’t see who they are engaging with but it’s obvious.

Another avenue we get a lot of traffic is with our organic listings on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. On most places other than Google we are the first page which made me beyond happy when I realized that. SEO is something I want to put some more focus on this month.

Louie Gordon

Here is my little piece of internet real-estate. You will find rants, complaints, and overall pessimistic views. Enjoy. 😉 ✌

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